At Hiner, Smith & Sons there are a few basic, yet highly relevant tenants, we believe in, as they guide us toward:

  1. Establishing long lasting healthy relationships with Distressed Sellers, Cash Buyers, and Turn-key Investors in our relentless pursuit of finding solutions that provide satisfactory outcomes for all parties.
  2. Profitability as a result of superior strategy and effort, never as a result of unethical business practices. Including business practices commonly accepted by other Real Estate Investment Companies that while legal, are certainly not desirable
  3. Increasing growth and market scalability. We desire to enter new markets often and thoroughly. These new market entrances are never done on a whim. They are premeditated and well calculated and they fit our strategy for growth and profitability on both a small scale (an individual seller/buyer, investor need) and a large scale (market penetration, corporate presence).
  4. Being faithful. Fidelity is critical for doing business (with us or anyone else).  You need to know, that when you do business with us, that we will do exactly what we said we will do, when we said we would do it, and that you will receive from us exactly what we agree upon (and yes, in some cases it’s more). ;)

Real People, Real Profits is not just our slogan.  It is our creed.  It is a heartfelt motto that emboldens us to serve those we do business with. 


             We begin with the person because we believe people to be far more valuable than money.  We look at the reason a person is selling their house.  Have they lost a job? Did a loved one die recently leaving them with memories that become bittersweet because of an unwanted piece of property? Are they facing a financial hardship that liquidating a property would solve and help them avoid the stain of foreclosure?  We bring the same care and attention to our Cash Buyers as well.  What do they need to accomplish their financial goals?  If we can help them do X amount more business, how would that impact their personal lives and family goals? 

            We genuinely care about the people we serve in a business capacity.  Investors that work with us take full advantage of a full suite of tools, knowledge, and experience that our industry counterparts, quite frankly, do not possess.  Many wholesalers and real estate companies say they can find you a great place to park some of your savings or IRA money that will produce high yields.  And then they turn around and have to partner with other investors to find properties.  Upon finding any available property they “mark them up” in an effort to earn some cash.  After that, they run loose numbers and return to you a portfolio addition that is risky at best. 

            Percentage of Current Market Value, Current Loan to Value, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and the Discount Rate are your watchwords, as many “co-wholesalers” are only able to offer Turn-key solutions on properties that are already maxed out.  And what does that mean for you, a Turn-key Private Cash Lender? It means they have already eaten almost all the equity in your deal and have left you with very little room to make money.  Our approach is very different.  Because of the massive amount of houses we source off-market on our own, we are able to meet each Seller, where they are in their specific set of circumstances, and provide you, the Private Cash Lender with a match to a distressed seller that meet and exceed the needs of all involved.

  We routinely turn down efforts from other investors to discover or share our proprietary method of finding houses.  We love working with other investors and will provide extraordinarily low percentage deals to them regularly. But for the sake of our Private Cash Lenders interests, we will not reveal our methods for “finding so many houses that are such great deals.”  However, we will do business anyone, on any budget, on any scale.

If you’re a seller in need of selling your house fast for cash, a buyer of rentals, apartments, condos and/or distressed properties, or a person interested in putting your money to work for you, then by now we are confident that you know you found the right people to do business with.  Fill out the short form in the box to the right, and we will get in touch with you quickly in order for you to start effectively managing your needs and pursuing your personal goals.