Real Estate In Oklahoma and Texas


Hello and welcome to the online home of your friends in Real Estate business, Hiner, Smith and Sons.  We are so happy you found your source to solve all of your Real Estate headaches, as we are a full service company.  Yes! We Buy Houses Dallas, Yes! We Buy Houses Fort Worth (DFW metroplex), Yes! We Buy Houses Lawton and Buy Houses in Oklahoma City, but we are so SO much more than that. 

Throughout the years we have built our organizations up and have been silently learning and studying a few expensive skill sets.  Well, they were expensive skill sets.  We are prepared to put ourselves of jobs.  What does that even me?  We have been diligently working to buy and sell houses for cash quickly now for a while.  And to be honest, we want to share.  We have accomplished our personal goals of building a successful long-term investment strategy that pays way more than Wall St.  We have built secure footings for our families and even some friends.  Boy wouldn’t it have been nice to be our friend. 


Now you can be! We are currently opening the gates on everything we do and ramping up our efforts to meet one goal: To provide people like you who are seeking an innovative way to invest in real estate regardless of skill level, experience, or legal proficiency the best possible solutions that are tailor fit to you specific needs.  Believe me, we have done all the work so that you don’t have too.


  • So if you are tired of seeing your IRA, stock portfolios, or other retirement accounts dip and dive?
  • Burned out from being a landlord and want to get rid of the struggles that seem to plague you everyday?
  • Heartbroken by not being able to give your family the things they deserve because you’re underwater on your house?
  • Tired of well meaning Realtors waltzing in and out of your house with their prospects in tow only to hear no one wants to make an offer?

No matter the issue or it's perceived difficulty WE are your solution.

We can help you enrich your portfolio, sell your house fast for cash quickly, or supply you with a constant stream of properties that you need in order to run your Fix N’ Flip business.

We take our mission to help you remain profitable very seriously.  To the right you will see a form.  Fill it out now and receive your free report on how to sell your house in ten days.  Also coming up is a free report on how to turn yourself into a highly profitable Private Cash Lender.  Inside you will see everything we do everyday that helps us generate massive income.  And the best part is, you don't need to do anything other than sign-up.  We will do the rest for you!  Are you in?  Good!